Build your Brand Toolkit (coming soon)

Build your Brand Toolkit (coming soon)



BUILD YOUR BRAND USING OUR BRAND ROADMAP! Define your Personal Brand and your Clientele will Build Itself.

To not only survive but thrive in this online playing field you are going to have to do better. You are going to have to be malleable and you are going to need to constantly evaluate your brand and pivot. Our Roadmaps are for you if you want to do things right online but aren't sure what the best ways are.

This Build your Brand Toolkit includes:

THE REFERRAL MARKETING MASTER COURSE: A self-paced online masterclass in how to maximize the ROI on word-of-mouth marketing: always the cheapest most effective form of marketing for any brand.

BRAND ROADMAP: a 120 page guide is the ULTIMATE in building your brand presence online. It includes The Zelinka Agency Brand Roadmap, Annual Brand Review, The Complete Instagram Influencer Roadmap, 101 Attraction Ideas, 10 Immediately Actionable On-Line Techniques, A Guide to Quickly Creating 30 Days of Compelling Content, The Zelinka Agency Editorial Calendar + Analytics Worksheets.

PRO TIP: This book is only about $20 through Staples ($30 or so if you get it shipped to you) if you get it printed in black and white! 

**Get it printed double-sided to make it even cheaper.

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