The Mental Health Benefits of Naturism


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Road Trips ‘n Skinny Dips

"You know, being out in nature, no matter where it is forces me to put my devices down and restore some thought processes and it’s been fantastic for my #PTSD."



Jeremy and I have been working on a docuseries about Hot Springs, Naturism + Mental Health.

We completed two episodes on a recent road trip to Thermopolis, Wyoming where Jeremy talked about the positive impact that naturism has had on his PTSD survival.

Jeremy is now on the forestry committee where we live. He plans on working with local Tribal leaders to help restore some of our area to early indigenous times.

"As president of the United States, Roosevelt's obsession with the physical supremacy of white manhood would influence his policy decisions.

Roosevelt saw the West as a place to be won, and in his view, white Americans had already won it - by conquering both the terrain and the Native people. To Roosevelt, it was white Americans' honored duty to preserve and protect the beauty of Western lands for future generations of white Americans to enjoy.

Roosevelt claimed for the United States tens of millions of acres previously promised to Native people, land that had been stewarded by Native people for countless generations. They became our national forests and parks."
- Mediocre by Ijeoma Oluo



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