I didn't ask for you approval, thanks.

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Somewhere I had lost that part of me. Temporarily displaced, I found it again and with it came back my marketing mojo. It had started to feel like writer's block that may never end.

What I realized is that I needed to get back my #IDGAF-ness. When I thought to my most successful schemes as a marketer this had always been the major ingredient. Not giving a fuck is the rawest, most genuine, and most insightful marketing you can do, and are capable of. And that resonates with people, even if it stings a bit. But I'm a pusher. I like to push people - some I push away and that's okay. Those that want the challenge stick around, and if I'm lucky they'll challenge me right back. That kind of push-pull is necessary for growth. @GaryVee is a prime example of this. 

Sometimes his growl stings a little, but he's always right. That fool don't give a fuck, and it's good he doesn't. Because he's willing to tell us all what we may not want to hear but so badly need to. 

The hardest marketing is the most important marketing.

It's the marketing we do for ourselves, to ourselves; by ourselves.

It's the story we tell ourselves.

-Seth Godin


Mandy Zelinka