Does your Life Feel Like This?

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I was guilty of it.

For a long time, I did the American rat race bullshit. Buy more, work more only to buy more - obtain the bigger house. Finally, I sat down one day, miserable, and decided this was no way to live. American media and marketing do a really good job of making you think you need a lot of things to make you happy yet all it does is make people miserable. One scroll through your Facebook feed is all you need to see it, and it's sad.

What if everyone just stopped. And downsized. And only bought what they actually needed? I did. I no longer need an afternoon venti latte from Starbucks do to exhaustion. (Dairy is bad for your skin anyhow.) I'm prettier because I have fewer bags under my eyes from stress. My anxiety has not only subsided but I think it's finally gone - which means less acting out by way of drinking every night. 

Everything is a cycle - you can either cycle your way off a cliff or take it leisurely via a beach cruiser with the wind blowing in your hair. Giving up masochism never felt so right or looked so good on me.

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