Do you Ever have that Not so Fresh Feeling?


I looked in the mirror yesterday and thought, "Damn. I need to bring some sexy back into my life." Much like my uniform as a full-time hairstylist being head to toe black with just a pop of color on my lips my current daily uniform has become synonymous with the stay at home laptop worker movement: unkempt hair and yoga pants.

I seriously combed out a dreadlock yesterday, part of that due to chlorine abuse from my afternoon pool/work sessions. Months of depression spent mourning the loss of my former life (20 years of 12-hour days working behind the chair tending to people's tresses) and literally crying out for help resulted in a whisper into my ear a few weeks back: "surrender" it said. "Fine" I replied to it.

I finally don't miss my old life. 

It made me feel a lot better when pretty girl @alexmichaelmay copped to a similar working from home comfy sweats dilemma a few weeks back. Being comfy and being able to make our regularly scheduled workouts is all part of that desired working from home package. Working smarter/not harder has honestly never felt so....right.

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