Check Yourself Before you Wreck Yourself


Going slow makes it feel like it's never going to happen, which makes it harder to bad ass your way through things. Then, because you are moving slower, you start second-guessing yourself all over the place - and that chips away at your confidence like a quickly melting ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

The thing is, you may be fierce enough to sprint faster than me but I'm over here trying to run a marathon and that shit takes time. And I like to win. And I HATE running. 

Pausing on things helps you make wiser decisions, ones that keep you from doing shit that leads to frustration and burn-out. I'm starting to understand that if when you start you take more time with your short game, you'll far more enjoy the end game. And since I'm a child and like to make jokes about balls I will be satisfied with that overused analogy. 


Mandy Zelinka