Cat Marnell: How to Murder Your Life




How to Murder Your Life was an absolutely fascinating read for a few reasons, mostly for the sheer amount of narcotics the writer was able to ingest and still hold down her demanding day jobs at the likes of @Nylon, @Lucky, and @XOJane. It left me feeling....unproductive.

The part I most wrestled with was A) the fact that so many beauty editors are paid so very little; and that they are only able to exist in their world with monetary help from their parents handling their uber-expensive Manhattan rent. Which leads us to the fact that B) newly graduated journalist kids living off their parents are directly responsible for the bulk of our beauty advice in magazines. (Let that one sink in.) @Glossier s @EmilyWeiss part of this culture, but quickly felt there's gotta be a better way, so she went off on her own to kick some serious ass with @IntoTheGloss. I've always admired that website, so I'm thrilled with what she has accomplished and love reading it. There's something raw, real, and totally informational about it. Might I dare to say this beauty rag might actually be relatable?

If you can stomach it, How to Murder Your LIfe is a phenomenal memoir. She's a brave one, that @cat_marnell. I remember her bylines in @LuckyMagazine - God, I miss that one. @JCrew may be the next American Institution to fall by the wayside right along with it.

It's too bad that so many industries took so long to accept that the internet was about to take over our lives, and their livelihoods with it. 


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