Somehow, I am able to type what is in my head which at this moment would be a great accomplishment considering I am high a f*ck.
I turned to Jeremy, after posting something hilarious on Facebook (it's probably not. I'll probably sober up and realize that overdosing on marijuana will cause you to think shit like that "is so fucking funny." (Hehe. Because it is.)
As I look towards Jeremy, lovingly sauteeing me up dinner since I am now cotton-mouthed and teetering on hangry, I said, "Goddamn! Why am I so high?!?" To which I responded to my own question with "because of my inability to follow directions. Again." You see, I forgot that you are supposed to shake the delicious edible weed spritzer bottle which presumably caused all of the weed to filter to the bottom.
I just drank the bottom. Now here we are.
Anyhow - with the constant desire to wrap our fuck-ups in a pink bow I decided to tell myself things to soothe my self-esteem. Things such as:

It's shit like this that makes you funny, Mandy. (Like, this is the shit that makes you funny, Mandy.)
It wouldn't be so funny if it weren't true
Fuck ups are where real growth occurs. (Does it? Am I only saying this because I am high and it sounds real smart?)
and true gems such as:
Mandy, you really need to stop taking yourself so seriously.

Ok. Fine. But the joy of being Creative Entrepreneurs is that we mess up a lot, but in that, it gives us some sort of wisdom that those that don't fuck up a lot don't possess. We are handed a lot of experiences to learn from. More than our mothers would care to admit. And we're hella fun because we've learned to roll with said punches. And then we realize our real superpower is our ability to feel and not get wet because drowning in tears of despair never looked good on anyone other than Demi Moore in Ghost.

*Edited sober for brevity and clarity


"BUT MANDY! The more you mess up the more you learn!"
- Actual quote from my adorable coding instructor. 🙄 





Mandy Zelinka