The Long and Winding Road


Music gives you the ability to time travel. For instance, Creedence Clearwater Revival just came on my Pandora station and I was instantly taken back to a time where my youngest stepson was barely old enough, strapped and diapered in his car seat requesting, "Flying spoon dad! Play the flying spoon song!" My eyes welled up. Kids fuck you up man. 


It wasn't until they entered my life that I would be able to understand why my mom tries to squeeze the ever-loving shit out of me every time she sees me. I still give her the old eye roll. Gotta keep up my rep and all. But it was pretty significant when she allowed them into her big old gramma heart. And it was an even larger event when she passed on to my eldest all of her Beatles records. 


I'm not a huge holder onner of things, but the few I do allow to stay with me are the most important. And as tough as I like to let on, every now and then I'll allow a sniffle or two in respect for what they mean to me.


In the privacy of my own home all by myself of course.


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