Richard Branson: Finding My Virginity


Books, much like a good therapist, tend to enter my life at the right times helping to shed light and understanding on things that I have yet to figure out and process so I can move on.


Being told no has been one of the most powerful forces in my success, but most recently not even been told no at all has proven to be far more motivating. I feel compelled to share with you that a number of jobs I applied for last year that not only didn't hire me but 90% not so much as acknowledging receipt of my resume. I need to write this because now it seems so silly to me - but just as Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team I think it's important to ponder on how seeming failures don't have to be seen as such. Plus, I kind of can't believe the list as I sit here thinking about it. Also. I'm obviously awesome and anyone should feel stoked to have me on their team. 


Towards the end of my job search, I had reduced myself to applying for B team positions thinking I had been reaching too high. This part of the job search nearly destroyed me, because as an accomplished woman I couldn't wrap my head around the lack of anything resembling feedback from even positions I thought beneath my skill set.


But there's the rub. When you lack feedback you have to listen to yourself because you are your only option. It's you, just you. But in that, you have to then ask yourself what you are capable of because nobody else seems to be answering. It is only when you have only yourself to trust, and you have no choice but to quiet your mind,  you have to put complete faith in your own abilities and force all of your energy into your own success. And that was the lesson I still had yet to fully grasp. Trusting myself again - it was time. I was ready. 


I know enough to know that I am talented, that was never in question. But when I stopped seeking approval from potential employers and instead sought it of myself, it was then that I could move on, and do so at a speed I never thought myself capable of.






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