No Rules Tuesday


My "No Rules Tuesday" rule has been a crucial element to my creative process. You see, on Tuesdays, no 'work' is allowed to be done. I can start drinking at 9 AM or be stoned all day. I can order take-out, thus negating the mental activity of 'working' because sometimes feeding myself TAKES A LOT OF MY RESERVED BRAINPOWER.

The beautiful thing about Tuesdays is that it's become my most productive 'workday'. It allows my mind to relax to epic stoner proportions which helps me to focus on the most important matters. It gives me the ability to streamline the tasks that remain because I have full use of my brain to do so, having been made uncloudy via drugs. Legal ones nonetheless!

Stoned or sober No Rules Tuesday allows my brain to wander, unencumbered by the stress that comes with task completion. I get shit done, I have fun doing it, and I always have a fun workday that helps balance out the not so fun ones, keeping my passion alive for my work.

Doesn't that sound magnificent?

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