What's it like to go from being a younger city chick to living full time at a suburban naturist park in the woods of Washington State USA?

^ me pictured on our volleyball court.


It feels like a very Walden-like experiment. On one hand, I have fresh mountain air and spring water on tap. On the other hand, I feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder when I'm left to own devices when the tap stops working.


This community of thirty or so folks is responsible for maintaining the 40 acres we live on. Yes, it's kind of like a colony from the way I have heard nudist colonies described. But I would hate for that to overshadow the good that can be found in living this way.


People talk to their neighbors here. You have to - not only because you literally can't escape them but also because you'd never know what was going on up here if you didn't. Because so many old hippies live here not everyone checks email or use text. The majority of folks up here pay their rent via check or cash. Word on the street is our telephone.


It's fascinatingly stuck in 1985 up here. 


I realized today that I hadn't washed my face in two days and that I haven't put foundation on my skin since we moved here. It just smelled like camping all the time and who puts a full face on to camp? My skin has since cleared up. My skin has never been clear my entire life. This is life-changing for someone with skin like me - so prone to breakouts.


I keep a sports bra, a knee-length puffer, and hiking boots or running shoes by the door. 


This has been the most delightful way to work from home. I rarely miss work-outs now which directly affects having positive mental and physical health. And considering I don't have to put my pants on to take the garbage and recycling out it's always done.


I've learned that Naturism is awesome. For me, it's where feminism, environmentalism, and social nudity come together. Skinny Dipping is the most body-positive thing I've ever done. Hiking without pants is one of the most empowering. The mental health aspects life-changing. 


Skinny Dipping is one of the best things I've ever done for my physical and mental health. And now I want everyone to join me.

Thank you for being here,





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