MONTANA Hot Springs!

Wildhorse Hot Springs in Montana was spectacular!
Ever since I read the 4-Hour workweek it has eluded me. It all sounded so amazing I mean c'mon.
Left jobless during the pandemic and filled with a ton of focused ADHD energy I decided to build the platform of my dreams: an old-school Facebook/Reddit/mash-up for me and my friends to hang out in, safely, without judgment or porn bots. Or Fuckerberg.
I used my own Brand Building Roadmap and went for it. When I worked for Keller Williams in West Seattle I had access to a ton of education and what I was finally able to conquer (while also using ASANA) was the ability to break down big hairy audacious goals into monthly goals, then daily steps.
The first thing I did on the job was read The One Thing by Gary Keller. That book, along with listening to my friends Tracy's podcast ADHD for Smart Ass Women was like a key had finally been turned in the deadbolt to my mind. (That and a lot of weed certainly helped.) 
Then this guy reintroduced me to the joys of Skinny Dipping. 
I feel so calm after our vacation.
I think Jeremy and I can both agree that our hot springs road trip was truly therapeutic for our mental health.
You should try it sometime! (And if you already have let me know what your favorite was!
Keep you posted!


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