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I was a terrible PTA mom.

And I sucked at doing the snacks after baseball games. But really I was the ultimate PTA mom because I was like, “fuck that” Imma use my unique talents and ADHD superpowers and leverage social media, a blog, and PR to get LGBTQ+ folks elected to city council, save the library and history museum, and pass a light rail measure instead.
All while owning a very successful salon and working 60 hours a week.
Ever since I watched the girl with the dragon tattoo I’ve wanted to fight the patriarchy dressed in head to toe black, working behind my laptop, with a badass asymmetrical haircut.
And here we are.

“I have a GED, and my business just cleared $750 million,” I said. “We’re closing in on a billion and trending up. A GED. You don’t need to go to Wharton. You can hire someone who went to Wharton.” 


When my sister told me to read Jessica Simpson’s book I thought she kidding. A person with a master's in English Literature was telling me to read Jessica Simpson’s tell-all. (Although to be completely honest I watched New Kids on the Block Behind the Music last week and should have told her.) But since she recommended the first book I actually read to me, On the Road by Jack Kerouac, she’s never failed me.

I send her my Samantha Irby books after I’ve read them and she sends me her best summer beach read recommendations. 

I learned more in that book than I have in any other business book I ever had. She reminded me how important it is to believe in yourself. Especially when it feels like nobody else does.

Being an entrepreneur, or hell even just working from home can be lonely so I’m here to say, “let’s do this together!” I’m also here to say that I get hella stoned to be able to do most of this shit. 

But you put one foot in front of the other at some point you’ll surprise yourself, just like Miss Simpson’s words surprised me.





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