KOA's are A-OK!


KOA's are A-OK!
Jeremy and I have been working on a docuseries about Nudism, Naturism + Mental Health. This is how we decided to do a Road Trip to Thermopolis, Wyoming (from the Seattle area) because if we're gonna do anything we're gonna do it right.
And Thermopolis delivered.
We decided that along this hot springs journey we would stay at KOA's and let me tell you: I was impressed. Impeccable service! Jeremy couldn't stop writing Trip Advisor reviews. 
(He told me that the times I took the wheel that's what he was in the passenger seat doing. He's like some Trip Advisor rockstar by now I'm sure.)
I think most of you have figured out by now that I'm a total snob so when I say KOA's are up to my standards you can be assured they'll be up to yours. 
10/10. Would recommend.

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