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I was a terrible PTA mom.

And I sucked at doing the snacks after baseball games. But really I was the ultimate PTA mom because I was like, “fuck that” Imma use my unique talents and ADHD superpowers and leverage social media, a blog, and PR to get LGBTQ+ folks elected to city council, save the library and history museum, and pass a light rail measure instead.
All while owning a very successful salon and working 60 hours a week.
Ever since I watched the girl with the dragon tattoo I’ve wanted to fight the patriarchy dressed in head to toe black, working behind my laptop, with a badass asymmetrical haircut.
And here we are.

“I have a GED, and my business just cleared $750 million,” I said. “We’re closing in on a billion and trending up. A GED. You don’t need to go to Wharton. You can hire someone who went to Wharton.” 


When my sister told me to read Jessica Simpson’s book I...

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What's it like to go from being a younger city chick to living full time at a suburban naturist park in the woods of Washington State USA?

^ me pictured on our volleyball court.


It feels like a very Walden-like experiment. On one hand, I have fresh mountain air and spring water on tap. On the other hand, I feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder when I'm left to own devices when the tap stops working.


This community of thirty or so folks is responsible for maintaining the 40 acres we live on. Yes, it's kind of like a colony from the way I have heard nudist colonies described. But I would hate for that to overshadow the good that can be found in living this way.


People talk to their neighbors here. You have to - not only because you literally can't escape them but also because you'd never know what was going on up here if you didn't. Because so many old hippies live here not everyone checks email or use text. The majority of folks up here pay their rent via check or cash. Word on the street is our telephone.


It's fascinatingly stuck in 1985 up here. 


I realized today that I hadn't...

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Get to Know Our Stewardship Forest! 🌲


 by Jeremy Ferguson

I know I'm very privileged to live where this photo was taken. I've had many opportunities to sit and watch the changing leaves and the gorgeous sunsets. The more I sit and stare off into the fading light, the more I feel a part of such a beautiful place. Learning where your tree friends are on the property can really make you feel like you're home. 

Okay, if that was too much for you, I get it. But the more I read about our Stewardship Forest Plan, the more I feel connected to this place. After reading about the locations of invasive species plants, they've been easier to scope out. Although most of the property is covered in blackberries, so just about everywhere you look is an invasive species.


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Our Naturist Documentary: Road Trips 'n Skinny Dips // The Mental Health Benefits of Naturism


Come on our Road Trip with us from Seattle to Wyoming and back!


Road Trips ‘n Skinny Dips

In our first of two documentary episodes, We hit up Oregon Hot Springs stopping in Bend, OR along the way.


We talk about the Skinny Dippers Community we’ve built and how it has helped Jeremy thrive and survive PTSD. 

We hit up our first KOA where Jeremy talks about the meditative quality of camp cooking and what Anthony Bourdain means to him. He goes on to discuss the need for more mental health role models and his experience with an on-the-job railroad fatality that started him down the path of helping others survive and thrive living with PTSD. 

In this episode two, we head to Thermopolis, Wyoming starting in the Oregon Badlands. Will we run out of gas? Tune in to find out! 



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MONTANA Hot Springs!

Wildhorse Hot Springs in Montana was spectacular!
Ever since I read the 4-Hour workweek it has eluded me. It all sounded so amazing I mean c'mon.
Left jobless during the pandemic and filled with a ton of focused ADHD energy I decided to build the platform of my dreams: an old-school Facebook/Reddit/mash-up for me and my friends to hang out in, safely, without judgment or porn bots. Or Fuckerberg.
I used my own Brand Building Roadmap and went for it. When I worked for Keller Williams in West Seattle I had access to a ton of education and what I was finally able to conquer (while also using ASANA) was the ability to break down big hairy audacious goals into monthly goals, then daily steps.
The first thing I did on the job was read The One Thing by Gary Keller. That book, along with listening to my friends Tracy's podcast ADHD for Smart Ass Women was like a key had finally been turned in the deadbolt to my mind. (That and a lot of weed...
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Public lands: How to do the Research to Know Where You Can be Naked!

So, how do I know if it's legal to be nude on public lands?

Well, that's not the most straightforward question to answer without research. 

Before we talk about Public Lands and what they look like today, it is imperative to acknowledge that the land was stolen from Indigenous people.

I want to recognize that before the United States became the United States, this land belonged to the Indigenous Peoples from hundreds of tribes. They took care of this land and have been a part of it for time immemorial. White settlers took the land and murdered the people who cared for the land and ran free. Giving acknowledgment that the public lands we get to enjoy came at the cost of human life and rights is an important part of every public land conversation. This is also why I believe we must care for the earth and its inhabitants.   

If you want to learn more, I recommend following Indigenous Women Hike over on Instagram. 

IWH is an Instagram community and Indigenous...

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How did you get started in Social Nudism?


Naturism and its Positive Effects on Mental Health


I’m a lifelong entrepreneur. Ask me a question, and I’ll likely break the answer down to marketing. I’m a total nerd that loves market research and business strategy as much as I love a perfect red lip.

But here’s the thing. Entrepreneurship can be hella lonely.

A few years back, I worked so hard on my business that I kept pushing the need to write a speech for Alt Summit back. The further I pushed back writing the speech, the more my anxiety rose. I was a wreck.

Alt Summit is a big deal for a creative entrepreneur. It’s held in Palm Springs every year, and it brings out the most creative of the creatives. The 20% of the 20%. The top 4% of the creatives of entrepreneurship. It’s like a gathering of Weiden & Kennedy wanna-be’s. It’s an important event.

And I had two weeks to deliver a speech that I had yet to write. I felt like a failure.

When Jeremy told me not to worry...

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Thermopolis, Wyoming

I make playlists. I'm really good at it. It's good because there were A LOT of stretches in this road trip that lacked cell service and anything but a gorgeous view for HUNDREDS OF MILES.

Equally terrifying as it is exhilarating.


This is a type-A entrepreneur's worst nightmare, a husband's biggest risk, and probably the most prescribed thing by therapists. (I would definitely call this meditative driving.)


With the highwaymen on our road trip list, I must say, my neighbors could not stop fawning over this playlist when they descended on to our place for our annual Father's Day Sausage Fest. So, give it a listen and let me know what you think!




Ciao for now!





Thermopolis is the largest town in Hot Springs CountyWyoming.

The town claims the world's largest mineral hot spring, appropriately named "The Big Spring", as part of...

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KOA's are A-OK!


KOA's are A-OK!
Jeremy and I have been working on a docuseries about Nudism, Naturism + Mental Health. This is how we decided to do a Road Trip to Thermopolis, Wyoming (from the Seattle area) because if we're gonna do anything we're gonna do it right.
And Thermopolis delivered.
We decided that along this hot springs journey we would stay at KOA's and let me tell you: I was impressed. Impeccable service! Jeremy couldn't stop writing Trip Advisor reviews. 
(He told me that the times I took the wheel that's what he was in the passenger seat doing. He's like some Trip Advisor rockstar by now I'm sure.)
I think most of you have figured out by now that I'm a total snob so when I say KOA's are up to my standards you can be assured they'll be up to yours. 
10/10. Would recommend.

Clothing-Optional Travel Guides // Field Guide to Skinny Dipping
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